Institut Guindavols is a secondary school situated in the northern part of the city of Lleida, region of Catalonia. We are known for our northern hospitality, nature and culture, as well as modern industries. There are 650 students of general secondary education and vocational education on role as well together with 68 teaching staff. There are some industries related with agriculture in the area. We are also at the center of some towns dedicated to oil production. The school is know as a high quality education institution. Our students come from all kind of backgrounds including some immigrants students who have just arrived in our country with educational, and cultural difficulties where teachers have to constantly develop their professional skills to help them in their everyday school life and studies, starting with the learning of Spanish and Catalan language.

We are known not only for our dedication to science and technological projects but to coeducation programmers and humanistic values too. We highly value education, research and innovation.

We have participated in different Comenius projects all over Europe/France, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Romania, Turkey, Italy. We also have Exchanges programmers with Belgium, Romania and Germany lasting some moths or a whole school year as a means to develop deep contact with our European partners in order to enrich mutually and to bring Europe near to our students sharing an active exchange of mutual cooperation

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